Economy Hajj Package C

This program begins in Madinah where you enjoy your stay in front of Masjid Al Nabawi, then proceed to Makkah for Umrah. After Umrah, proceed to Azazia, Then on 8th zulhaj proceed to mina north american tents . during manasik you will have access to the builidn in Azazia. on 15th Zul hajj proceed to makkah stay in front of haram and enjoy your five daily prayers.

Economy Package C
(From New York)
Add on from other cities Available

21 August 2017 – 11/12 September 2017



azazia from 5th dhul hajj to 15 dhul hajj

makkah hilton tower of similar from 15th to 19th zulhajj













Economy Package C Features


From 1 Dhu-l-hijja to 5 Dhu-l-hijja / 21 Aug. to 25 Aug.

  • Accommodation in Medina at Elaf Tibaha Hotel or similar 200 meter from the Haram
  • 4 people in the room.
  • Open buffet food (breakfast and dinner).

Transfer to Azzazia

From 5 Dhu-l-hijja to 14 Dhu-l-hijja / 25 Aug to 4 Sep

  • Travel with air-conditioned bus directly from Madina to The apartment building at Azzazia
  • The apartment building will be available to access your room during the Hajj Manasek.


  • You have full access to your rooms and personal luggage during the Manasik.
  • Mena in North American tents. Sofa beds will be provided.
  • Accommodation at Arafat will be in North America camp (5milles from jamarat).
  • Breakfast box meals will be served (10-12ZH). Dinner box meals will be served (8-11ZH).
  • August 30th ( 8th Zulhijja) transfer from apartment building to north American tents in Mina by Bus
  • August 31st ( 9th Zullhijja) day of Hajj after fajar travel to Arafat by bus. Spend time in Arafat till sunset. Transfer to Muzallafa where you will pray magrib and Ishan together and collect pebbles for Jamarat
  • September 01 (10th Zulhijja ) after Fajar Transfer to Mina ,arrive in Mina throw 7 pebblesat jamarat Ala Qabah. Offer Sacrifice and shave or shorten hair.Chnage out of Ihram. You have access to Azaziah where you can change and take shower and perform Tawaf Alafadh at your leisure
  • September 2nd and 3 (11 & 12 Zulhijja) throw seven pebbles at each of the three jamarat. Accommodations at mina camp or Azazia your choice on 12th zulhijja corresponding to 2nd September after Jamarat transfer to the apartment building in Azazia


From 15 Dhu-l-Hijja to 20 Dhu-l-hijja / 05 Sep. to 10 Sep

  • Accommodation in Mecca at Hilton Mecca (or similar) in the Haram vicinity
  • Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Mena in North American tents. Sofa beds will be provided.
  • Accommodation at Arafat will be in North America camp (5milles from jamarat).
  • Breakfast box meals will be served (10-12ZH). Dinner box meals will be served (8-11ZH).

Package includes:

  • Round trip airline tickets
  • Hajj visa

All transportation in Saudi Arabia of hajj movement

  • Imam and Group Leader
  • Travel ID
  • Travel Luggage Tags
  • Travel Neck Wallet
  • Travel Backpack

Package does not include:

  • Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing ($ 300 expected cost)
  • Prices FROM. Other gateways maybe available based on your departure city. Extra fees will be charged.
  • Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (Expected $150).
  • Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia.


  • Masih Farooqui

    Assalamalekum Br Sadiq, JazakAllah khair for arranging my wonderful trip by far this is the best , you have been arranging my trip every year for the last 17 years Alhumdulliah all hotels are good transportation are good and on time neat and clean. It’s always a pleasure travelling from your agency.

  • This is Zia alavi

    Assalamalekum Br Sadiq, I wanted to thank you for helping us with the Umrah package. Alhumdulillah the hotels and transportation was great and very convenient.

  • Obaid Khan

    We have used the services of Discount Travel for many trips throughout the world. Sadiq Hussain has always provided responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable service. He has been attentive to our needs and available by phone and email even when we have been abroad. Our recent trip to Spain in December 2017-January 2018 was no exception!

    We decided rather spontaneously on a trip and Mr. Sadiq assured us that he could organize it. Every aspect of our trip was well planned and he always provides honest feedback about accommodations. We were pleased and everything was as he had promised. Though we gave little time to plan, Discount Travel did a thorough job!

    We enjoyed a six-city bus tour of the Andalusia area, Barcelona, and Madrid wherein we had city tours which explored places of historical and cultural significance and also enjoyed the beauty of the Spanish countryside along the way! Many people in our family have traveled with Discount Travel and we will continue to do so!

    Obaid Khan Family South Carolina

  • Zacharea

    Alhamdulillah I received both passports yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help!! I will definitely be referring you to all my friends and family who want to go on umra inshAllah. We are so excited to be going!! Please let me know if anything else is needed. May Allah bless you and your family for your service to us.

  • Faiq Aqueel

    Assalam Allakum Last night I was back home. Thank you for the umrah arrangement. Flights were on time. Qusswa agent was waiting at Madina airport & Median Hilton. At Makkah hotel agent was not there but he contacted by phone. Ground transportation was good and on time. Thank you for your efforts and Allah Hafeez.

  • Ahsan and Shahnaz Hafeez

    Thank you very much for arranging our Scotland and Ireland vacation program. From Air Line tickets , to hotel arrangements and arranging for very interesting sight seeing tours were all just fantastic. Discount Travel crew of Ireland and UK personnel are very highly professional people. They were very friendly, courteous and in all sense very professional. The personal guided tours were very informative and they also gave us time to shop in selected places which was very helpful . In my opinion their commentary was just like listening to well informed Historians.

    From picking us up from the Airports to dropping us off was all perfectly on time and I must really complement on their punctuality and professionalism.

    The Hotels in Edinburgh and Dublin served our purpose. They were all in the City and easily accessible to all highlights. Restaurants in both hotels provided very good food and the staff was very friendly , courteous and met all our demands. People who live in USA are all spoiled by 4 star and 5 star hotel ratings. In Europe you just cannot anticipate the same equivalent grade. But we all slept well and with comfort.

    I must say in the end that people in both countries were very friendly and define courtesy very well. Again thank you for all your efforts in arranging such a fabulous vacation.
    Note: Our granddaughter Saher can’t wait for another European Vacation.

  • Baig Family

    JazakAllah. We just came back from our second Umrah. Thank you so much for all the arrangements, we truly appreciate. May Allahtaala Bless you and your family. We are okay with the Spain trip , the way it is arranged now.Thank for arranging Makkah Ziyaraths.

  • Mujeeb Qadri

    It is not us but the blessing of Allah SWT that we have such good people. Sadiq Bhai work of travel agency is very challenging and demanding, but especially the way you cater people is excellent. May Allah SWT protect you and your family and keep you in good health and Islamic spirit. Ameen. we had an excellent Umra Trip Please keep us in your dua.

  • Tauqir Ahmed

    Last Year, we performed Hajj thru Discount Travel of Lombard, IL. We have nothing but great compliments for Br. Sadiq for providing us with such a beautiful, memorable and satisfying experience. We were provided a very professional and caring support thorough out our trip. My mother-in law carries a Pakistani passport. On our way to Medina we transited thru Qatar. Br. Sadiq made sure for us to stay in a hotel at the Qatar airport. As I understand It is not easy for an older person to get a Qatari visa. All in all a great job.

  • Irfaan Ghafoor

    This is Irfaan Ghafoor and we (sis Saadia and mom Tallat) just came back from Umrah Alhamdulilah. No problems with anything and we had safe trip and my mom is in Pakistan now. Just wanted to thank you and QASSWA for everything. They were on time and very professional and it was a good experience. May Allah give you reward for helping so many people make their dreams come true for HAJJ and UMRAH. And next time, hopefully soon, we will call you to help us make travel plans for upcoming trips.